2013-2014 Season

National Theater of Korea
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Giselle 공연정보
Genre Ballet Running Time 120min
Sponsor National Theater
Place Main Hall, HAE
Period 2013-10-18 ~ 2013-10-22
Time Tue Fri 8pm, sun 3pm
Admission Fee R 50,000, S 30,000, A 20,000
Inquiries 02)2280-4114~6
Giselle has been one of the most loved Romantic Ballets since its premier in 1841 at Palais Garnier in Paris. Giselle to be performed by the Korean National Ballet this season will use the original choreography of the premier, as it has before, to public acclaim. The riginal choreography is at once dramatic and delicate, and is sure to grab the hearts of Romantic Ballet fans. Giselle tells the story of a peasant girl Giselle, who tries to spare the life of her love, Albrecht, even after she becomes a Wilis, a spirit of a woman who died before her wedding. Throughout the story, Giselle's character changes from innocent peasant girl to betrayed woman in agony to strong defendant. The dreamlike dance of the Wilis under the moonlight is called one of the most dramatically beautiful scenes in Romantic Ballet history.