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Yeowoorak Festival
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Yeowoorak Festival 3-27 July 2013 / Hwang Byeongi-gi, Yang Bang-ean, and Bae Byung-woo / Puri / Kang Eun-il Goraeya / Jeong Ga Ensemble / Gong Myoung and Grim Kim Jeong-hee, Im Dong-chang, and Simon Barker / Shinawi Ensemble and Min Eun-kyung Kim Soo-chul / National Orchestra of Korea, Han Young-ae, and Yang Bang-ean Kim Yong-woo / AUX


Yeowoorak Festival 3-27 July 2013


This summer the National Theatre of Korea is proud to host the fourth annual Yeowoorak Festival. Starting on July 3rd and running through till July 27th this fantastic and fresh celebration of music will sooth your soul during the sultry nights of the Seoul summer.

You can discover some of the greatest traditional music that Korea has to offer, blended with other genres and styles, fusing together to produce new sounds and experiences to excite the ears and the mind.

Yang Bang-ean, the artistic director of this year’s festival has gathered together Korean and international artists from different fields under the theme of collaboration. There will be indoor and outdoor performances throughout July as well as workshops, mentoring programs and special events for students and other visitors including the chance to make your own instruments and performances.

The festival has been split into four weeks, each with their own themes and shows. Week one is “Legend, week two is “Challenge”, week three is “Crossover” and week four is “Choice”. Each week you’ll have the chance to see two different performances bringing some of the best traditional and modern musicians together at the National Theatre.

Week One - Legend:
“Oriental Scenery” - Gayageum (Korean zither) master Hwang Byeongi-gi and Yang Bang-ean (artistic director of the festival and renowned pianist) will perform together with photographer Bae Byung-woo to create a spectacular concert filled with traditional music and beautiful images.

Puri - Traditional Korean band Puri (lead by the artistic director of the National Orchestra of Korea, Won Il) celebrate their twentieth anniversary with this special performance.

Week Two - Challenge:
“Arirang - The Song Of Life” - The Jeong Ga Ensemble will perform the Pyeongchang version of Korea’s most famous song, Arirang in a special “documentary concert” mixing filmed footage with live music.

“Sea And Forest” - World music groups Gong Myoung and Grim will join together to create a unique musical experience. With Grim bringing their melodic spirit to the forest, and Gong Myoung bringing their unique rhythmic percussion to the sea.

Week Three - Crossover:
“God In The Landscape” - This concert brings together traditional musician Kim Jeong-hee (who has been performing in shaman rituals since the age of 6) with pianist Im Dong-chang and Australian jazz drummer Simon Barker, blending traditional and modern to create a very special evening.

“A Meeting Of Pansori And Instruments” - The Shinawi Ensemble joins together with Korean traditional opera singers Min Eun-kyung and Lee Bong-geun, as well as respected actors including Go Soo-hui, Shim Jae-hyun and Kang Gi-doong. Mixing traditional story singing (Pansori), acting and music, this performance offers a brand new experience of a traditional art form.

Week Four - Choice:
“Rediscovery Of The Master” - This concert from 1980’s superstar Kim Soo-chul is his first live performance in six years and will see him performing with traditional musicians, recreating some of his most popular hits from thirty years ago.

“Tuning” - The National Orchestra Of Korea comes together with pianist Yang Bang-ean (artistic director of the festival) and soul singer Han Young-ae. Bringing songs from the silver screen to the stage to offer a rousing finish to the festival.

There are also two special outdoor performances during the festival:

Kang Eun-il’s Haegeum Plus will be joined by the folk group Goraeya for a special collaborative concert mixing fun folk music with the beautiful traditional Korean fiddle and the classical and jazz styles of the Haegeum Plus band.

Kim Yong-woo (and his band) with his Korean traditional folk pop meets the Ox band and their unique performance style, coming together for a one of a kind concert.


Yeowoorak Festival 3-27 July 2013 / Hwang Byeongi-gi, Yang Bang-ean, and Bae Byung-woo / Puri / Kang Eun-il Goraeya / Jeong Ga Ensemble / Gong Myoung and Grim Kim Jeong-hee, Im Dong-chang, and Simon Barker / Shinawi Ensemble and Min Eun-kyung Kim Soo-chul / National Orchestra of Korea, Han Young-ae, and Yang Bang-ean Kim Yong-woo / AUX
2013 Yeourak Festival ? More Special Than Ever!This July, let’s take a musical tour through the city. From July 3 to 27, the National Theater reveals the amazing current state of our music in a festival of Korean music in the city, <Yeourak> or “Here Is Our Music.”This special festival gives an opportunity to hear, all in one place, Korean music that is recognized around the world for its modern and contemporary character. The 2012 festival was enthusiastically received, with a 90% seat occupancy rate and more than half of the total program being sold out. And this fourth Yeourak Festival has been upgraded to a still higher level. The month of the festival period is comprised of four themes―Legend, Challenge, Crossover, and Choice―and for four weeks, the nation’s top artists present new performances created exclusively for Yeourak. Don’t miss these special shows that can only be seen at Yeourak!Yeourak Indoor Performances 2013.7.3(wed)~27(sat) weekday 20:00pm, weekend 17:00pm
Venue : KBhaneul youth theater
Ticket:30,000 -> 15,000(all seat)
Promotion price : 50% discount for foreigner who holding a passport and student!!
Book: 02-2280-4132, 4022, 6024 www.ntok.go.kr
Yeourak Free Outdoor Performances 2013.7.6 & 7.27(sat) 19:00pm
Ticket : Free
Venue: Cultural Plaza(National Theater of Korea at NamsanYeowoorak Indoor Performances 7.3(wed) 20:00pm - A unique performance that crosses the boundary between traditional and contemporary: Hwang Byungki, Bae Byeongu, and Yang Bang Ean’s Talk Concert <Oriental Landscape>7.5(fri) 20:00pm, 7.6(sat) 17:00pm - Still profoundly influencing the Korean music world, Puri is back: Twentieth Anniversary Concert <Puri>7.10(wed)-7.11(thu) 20:00pm - When characters from a documentary appear on the stage, the boundary between stage and auditorium dissolves: Jeongga Akhoe Documentary Concert <Arirang, Song of Life―Pyeongchang>7.13(sat)-7.14(sun) 17:00pm - Music that bears you away to a forest by the sea! The Lim and Gongmyeong Project Concert <Sea Forest>7.16(tue)-7.17(wed) 20:00pm - Im Dongchang, Simon Barker, Byeon Jeongju, and Kim Jeonghui: four men come to Seoul to pacify restless souls. Kim Jeonghui, Hwaraengi of the East Coast <Landscape with Gods>7.10(fri) 20:00pm, 7.20(sat) 17:00pm - Highlights from pansori reborn in dramatic new arrangements: Ensemble Sinawi <Pansori Singing Meets Instruments>7.24(wed) 20:00pm - The 35-year musical life of little giant Kim Sucheol, singer of “Young One, Wake Up and Come”: Kim Sucheol <Rediscovering a Maestro>7.26(fri) 20:00pm, 7.27(sat) 17:00pm - Getting in tune with the audience: National Orchestra of Korea, Han Yeongae, and Yang Bang Ean <Tuning>Yeowoorak free outdoor performances2013.7.6(sat) 19:00pm/ticket: free/venue:cultural plaza(national theater of korea at namsan) / A haegeum fiddle player like no other: Kang Eunil Haegeum Plus / A Korean folk music group that captures the hearts of the world: Goraeya2013.7.7(sat) 19:00pm/ticket: free/venue:cultural plaza(national theater of korea at namsan) / A folk singer’s venture in contemporary Korean music: Kim Yongu / No more boring traditional music: world music band AUX

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