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2014 Yeowoorak 5thAnniversary Korean Music in the World!
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2014 Yeowoorak 5thAnniversary
Korean Music in the World!
Yeowoorak, a music festival in the heart of the city, shows you the amazing current state of Korean music. Now in its fifth year, Yeowoorak returns with a more lavish program and brilliant lineup than ever.
Yeowoorak means “Here is Our Music.” Since its beginning in 2010, the festival has won a warm response from audience, taking its place as Korea’s great summer music festival. Lighting up the night every July, Yeowoorak lets you hear “music of the world” and “music of our time.”
Hot and exclusive collaborations of Yeowoorak
All music in the 2014 Yeowoorak Festival consists of new music that has never been performed before. The main focus is on collaboration between the artists whose mere names raise high expectations. At the National Theater on the cool slopes of Mount Namsan, Yeowoorak drives away the summer heat with brand-new performances that transcend boundaries of genre and era.
Venue National Theater of Korea at Namsan
Ticket 30,000 15,000 (All Seats)
Promotion Price 50% discount for foreigners holding passports or Student ID cards!
Book 02)2280-4022/5870 www.ntok.go.kr
Facebook www.facebook.com/ntokourmusic
2014 Lineup / All seats 30,000 won / OPENING / July 4(Fri)   8:00pm
July 5(Sat)   4:00pm   8:00pm
KB Haneul   Youth Theater / I. Yang Bang Ean & Various Artists <Yeowoorak   Fantasy>
CROSS-OVER / July 8(Tue)   ? 9(Wed)
KB Haneul   Youth Theater / II. DJ Soulscape, Second Session, and SC Yun   <Tradition Applied> / July   10(Thur) ? 11(Fri)
Small Hall   DAL / III. Second Moon and Coreyah <The Whale in the   Moon>
July   12(Sat) ? 13(Sun)
KB Haneul   Youth Theater / IV. NOK Unit and Seo Young Do Electric Ensemble   <The Beauty of Mixed Sounds>
SENSATION / July   15(Tue) ? 16(Wed)
Small Hall   DAL / V. Kang Tae Hwan <Last   Master> with guests Kang Kwon Soon and Park Woo Jae
 / July 16(Wed)   ? 17(Thur)
KB Haneul   Youth Theater / VI. Jang   Yeong Gyu, Lee Tae Won, Lee Hui Mun, Jeong Eun Hye, Gomul, Aengbi, and Nom   <Swallows, Summer, Folksong>
July 19(Sat)   ? 20(Sun)
Small Hall   DAL / VII. Han Seung Seok and   Jeong Jae Il <Bari Abandoned> / July   19(Sat) ? 20(Sun)
KB Haneul   Youth Theater / VIII. Guitarist Choi Hee   Sun and the Goguryo Band <Dream Arirang>
CHOICE / July   23(Wed) ? 24(Thur)
Small Hall   DAL / IX. Kang Eun Il, Saitoh   Tetsu, and Sawai Kazue <Bullet, Riding through Time> / July 25   (Fri) 8:00pm
July 26   (Sat) 4:00pm
KB Haneul   Youth Theater / X. All the bright lights of the festival in one   place! <Yeowoorak All Stars>
2013 Yeowoorak Festival reviews / “The audience in their twenties that filled the 700-seat auditorium gasped and cheered like at a live performance venue.”Chosun 

“The passionate performances by about twenty groups showed a harmony and freshness that gave a new insight into the current state of Korean music in the world.”SBS

“The Yeowoorak performances made what is called a ‘big hit.’ The fourteen performances by a total of twenty groups ended with an average seat occupancy rate of 121%. For Korean music performances, this is a truly exceptional sales figure.”HanKyung
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